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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Inspiring Entrepreneurs!

Wow! May all of our businesses and lives be as successful and rewarding as these Small Business Men and Women, part of the Worldwide Network!

We just opened an email showing all these hard working colleagues making great repayments on their very small loans from us. So we were able to reinvest the money in a new loan to this group of enterprising Business Owners to help get them their loan:

Borrower image
Total loan: $6,350
Powered by 114 lenders

Tuzamurane Acb Group

A loan of $6,350 helps a member to buy more sorghum, maize, and beans to sell.

Rwanda / Food Market

Carolyn & Bootsie, you have repayments! Ready to help someone new? 
Recent repayments
✓ 100% repaid
Repaid Sep 17 
Cambodia / Personal Housing Expenses
$25.00 of $25.00 repaid
Thank you for helping Sokhea to build a toilet.
✓ 100% repaid
Mujeres Unidas Group 
Repaid Sep 17 
Paraguay / General Store
$25.00 of $25.00 repaid
Thank you for helping Mujeres Unidas Group to buy vegetables, fruits, bread products, greens, canned goods, and other products for her general store.

Luz Marina 
Repaid Sep 17 
Colombia / Tailoring

Maria Teresa 
Repaid Sep 17 
Ecuador / Pigs

Repaid Sep 17 
Armenia / Farming

Repaid Sep 17 
Uganda / Property

Repaid Sep 17 
Armenia / Personal Medical Expenses

Repaid Sep 17 
El Salvador / General Store

Repaid Sep 17 
Haiti / Home Products Sales

Ana Victoria 
Repaid Sep 17 
Colombia / Food Production/Sales

Maria Trinidad 
Repaid Sep 17 
Colombia / Internet Cafe

It is very inspiring to us and helps us work harder to help others also grow their businesses, buy crops or livestock for farms, repair their homes or further their education. The loans are made in small increments of $25 (or more) and when they are repaid, you may reinvest in others seeking financial assistance to improve their lives.  100% of the loans goes to the people seeking them, and there is a 97% repayment rate. Win-Win for all!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Greetings from Unbound Children / Orphans Ministries in India

My Dear Ones,

May this Christmas season bring you, health, happiness, longevity and peace and goodwill. I hope you are keeping fine by the grace of God. The children are growing wonderfully. They are conveying their greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. This month 23 and 24, we are going to celebrate the Christmas. Our hearts are over joyous when we hear the word of Christmas. Lord Jesus came to this earth to heal the sick, to save sinners to bring people to God. We feel it as a blessing to remember the day of Christmas.

We lovingly invite the associate pastors and their congregations, children, and widows from different places to the celebration.  We give them one way fare and Christmas gifts and clothes to orphanage children. And sarees, bed sheets to the widows.  It is a time of great cheer, caring and sharing with others what we have.  The associate pastors, heartily take part in the joyous festival with their congregations and our congregation.  God is glorified.  It is like a carnival feast after the worship service on the Christmas Day; we share the love feast – each dinner and enjoy ourselves. 

Please pray of us, so that every person would know about our God and His son Jesus Christ. We are all praying for you, your work and your blessed family members in our daily prayers.  I want to convey our greetings to you wholeheartedly.

Thanking you!

May God bless you mostly abundantly!

Your Sister in Christ,
Sujatha Kolli

If you would like to donate to this charity, please visit the site above. They accept PayPal and every donation, no matter how small or large is greatly appreciated and frugally, wisely used. 

Thank you,
carolyn & Bootsie

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Views from India from Chinmoy...(updated)

 Eden Gardens Stadium Kolkata

 Saint Paul Kolkata

 Science City Kolkata

House of Mother Theresa in Kolkata

 Birla Museum

 Botanical Garden

Rabindra Lake

 Victoria  Memorial

 Dahlhouse, India 7,000 feet above sea level

 Dharamsala, India

 Golden Temple, Amritshar, India

Cherrapunji, Meghalaya, India

Underwater Restaurant, Ahmedabad, India  


 Munnat, India

 PCA Stadium, Mohali

 Red Fort, Delhi, India

 Root Bridge, Meghalaya, India


 Tehri, India 5,750 feet above sea level


Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

 Seven Sisters Falls, Meghalaya

 Yercaud, India, 5,000 feet above sea level


Thank you to Bootsie's Friend from Twitter, Chinmoy for sharing the beauty and culture of India with her. Truly we can see why so many take sabbaticals to this gorgeous country to re-group and re-spiritualize themselves. The diversity of environments and lushness of the landscapes are awe-inspiring. 

World's most beautiful Cricket Stadium in Dharamshala, India:

Beautiful tea gardens in Assam:

Ooty Lake, India:

Hyderabad. India:

Dining with Friends: