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Monday, June 6, 2016

Unbound Children Ministries ~ A Profile in Exceptionalism 

The Internet of Things is magical in its algorithms at times in the manner that it connects people from all over the world. Through it, we have been so blessed to meet and learn more about how Unbound Children Ministries helps feed, clothe, educate and love precious children who have lost their families. Their group also helps widows, widowers and children in the country side.

Right now, they are reconvening for the beginning of a Summer Session of school and need help with very basic supplies (just $10 for each child). If you can help sponsor even one child, that would be heavenly! Please see the information below the images from the Director of Unbound Children's Ministries, Sujatha Kolli.

You may follow their progress on the web page: and they take Paypal.

Thank you.


My Very Dearest Sisters,

Loving greetings to You from Unbound Orphanage staff, children and widows and my family members.  I hope You and your family are keeping well by the grace of God and here all ‘Your’ children and widows are doing well.

I am glad to inform you that in the month of June 12th Your children schools will be reopened after the summer vacation. All Your children will be getting ready to go to schools at which time we have to provide them school uniforms, text books, note books, compass boxes, other study materials etc. Please pray for these needs.

For 30 children school uniforms costs: $300
For 30 children school study materials costs: $300

May God bless You most abundantly and Your family members.

Your Sister in Christ,
Sujatha Kolli,